Heads up: The crew over at SVGCuts.com is at it again… they’re giving away more free stuff!! Is it any wonder why this is one of my favorite sites for SVGs?

At the moment, they have their regular weakly deal going on – where they give away 1 free SVG collection with every purchase of $10 or so. This week they’re giving away a Valentines Day Card Collection (a $7 value). They also have lots of single files that they just give away each week – no purchase necessary!! Just follow their blog. πŸ™‚

SVGCuts is also giving away a Cuttlebug this week!! If you haven’t already checked out their site, there’s no better time than now! Maybe YOU could win the bug! πŸ™‚

Click here to view the details of their Cuttlebug giveaway: http://svgcuts.com/blog/?p=4610
Visit their main page at www.svgcuts.com/blog anytime for free stuff!!

More links to my fave sites and SVG freebies of my own coming soon!!

Vickie πŸ™‚


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