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Introducing Madeline!

Madeline-FlippinForFall_wmIntroducing Madeline!
She’s flipping for fall while doing cartwheels in the leaves.

Included in this .zip file is:
• An .svg file used for cutting out the individual pieces on electronic cutters running various digital cutting software titles such as Sure Cuts a Lot and Make the Cut. Tip: unless you’re cutting out a really large version of this design, we recommend you not try to cut the eyes and mouth and just draw those on instead :-)
• Also included is a black and white .png file that can be used for printing, coloring, and cutting out the individual pieces by hand.
• If you don’t want to put the pieces together yourself or you’re looking for a digi stamp version of Miss Madeline Flippin for Fall, complete black and white .jpg’s that you can color yourself are also included.

Click here to visit our store and get this cute Madeline design today! :-)

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Happy Crafting!!

Halloween SVG Files – Free & For Sale: Halloween Cat-In-a-Hat; Trick-or-Treating Chicks; Scarecrow

I am sooooo excited to announce… our blog & store are getting makeovers!! There are many new changes to come, including new designs from new artists, a new look for our website, digi stamps, and more! Stay tuned. You won’t be disappointed. :-)

Let’s get started with some designs from our newest artist, Sarah MacDonald! You’re going to love these.

New freebie*: Halloween Cat-In-a-Hat by Sarah

Click here to go to Sarah’s page in our online store and download these free cutting files . The downloadable zip folder includes both SVG and JPG cutting files.

Before you “checkout”, please also check out our totally cute new set of Trick-or-Treating Chickens, also designed by Sarah!

Halloween Chickens


Scarecrow Paper Piecing - SVG and JPG Cutting Files Scarecrow Digi Stamp

We had so much fun making these and we know you will too!! Enjoy!

Happy Crafting!!

~Vickie :-)

Click here if you wish to email me.

*Free SVG & JPG cutting files will be free for a limited time only. Once new freebies are posted, you’ll be able to find past freebies in our store for $.50. Digi stamp versions of most of these designs will also be available in our store for $.50.

FREE SVG (& JPG) File – Microwave from our Kitchen & Washroom SVG & JPG Set

Here is a microwave oven from our Kitchen & Washroom SVG & JPG Set.

If you’d like to download the picture above, right-click and “Save Target As” to download it to your computer. (“Save Picture As” also works.)

To download the SVG files for the microwave, right click here and here and “Save Target As” to download these freebie SVG files to your computer. (The first “here” leads to a finished SVG file with all the pieces assembled. The 2nd one leads to an SVG file with the pieces separated for you already.)

After you finish downloading this freebie, please stop by My Digital Cutting File Store to view the entire Kitchen & Washroom set along with the other furniture sets and other items listed there.

Happy Crafting!!

~Vickie :-)

Click here if you wish to email me.

New Files for Sale – Digital Pattern Paper (JPG) for Valentine’s Day & a 3D Easter Basket SVG

New Items in My SVG Store:

NEW Digital Pattern Paper for Valentine’s Day (JPG) and any day you need to send some love!!

NEW 3D Easter Basket SVG

FREE SVG File – replacement LOVE window for Valentine’s Day Card & Treat Box Set

Notice to all those who bought or are planning to buy our Valentine’s Day Card & Treat Box SVG set (and those who would just like to take part in grabbing this freebie file):
I found a boo-boo… When I created the extra windows for our treat box (sold in My SVG Store), I made a mistake on the LOVE window. The LOVE included in the set would work for cutting out of paper and gluing on to the box, but it does not work well as a stencil or window cut-out for the box (it’s missing the hole in the middle of the “O” and above the “V”). Here’s a new LOVE file that can be used as a stencil or window for our Valentine’s Day Card & Treat Box or any card or box that you already have an SVG file for :-)

UPDATE: i fixed the zip file that’s downloaded when you purchase our V-Day Card & Treat Box (so no need to save the one in this post if you’re going to buy the whole set). But, I’m going to leave this freebie here anyway – for everyone else to enjoy too :-)
The new VDay Card & Treat Box zip file not only has a new LOVE window added, but it also has a whole new SVG file included too: an easier to fold, 12×6″ mat fitting, version of this box (that comes out to just under 3″ square and 1″ thick when folded). Please check out My SVG Store for details.

Tip: clear transaparencies (like those used with overhead projectors) work great as clear windows & behind window cut-outs on boxes and cards.

Enjoy!! :-)

Right-click here and “Save Target As” to download the SVG file to your computer.

Happy Crafting!!

~Vickie :-)

NEW SVG for Sale – Valentine’s (or Any) Day Card & Treat Box

* 1 SVG file that includes the main card box file with separate fold lines (using a 12×12” mat, you can make a card box that’s approximately 4 1/8” x 4 1/8” x 7/8”; with or without fold lines)
* 1 SVG file with 9 different window options (including the square included in the file above + 8 others as seen in the pics)
* 1 SVG file containing one of our deckled rectangles to use in making single and multi-layered labels inside and outside of the card box.
* (Stamped image/text not included. Embellish however you’d like.)


Click here to visit my SVG Store and buy this great new SVG.


Happy Crafting!!

~Vickie :-)

FREE SVG File – Halloween Bat

Right-click here to get your Halloween Bat SVG and “Save Target As” to download the SVG file to your computer.

Happy Crafting!!

~Vickie :-)

SVG FILE For Sale – Deckled Torn-Edge Squares & Rectangles

Deckled / Torn-Edge Squares and Rectangles – with 4 varieties of ‘deckles’

3-Pack CD or DVD Holders 3-Pack CD or DVD Holders

Ever seen those neat ‘Nestabilities’ deckled rectangles that Spellbinders makes to use with die-cutting & embossing machines like the Cuttlebug and Big Shot? Ever wish you could cut out those designs on your Cricut? Now you can!

I always wanted to buy Nestabilities, but they are so expensive. I looked everywhere and could not find one single person offering deckled rectangle SVGs. So, we’ve created these new SVGs to fill that missing void. They’ve surely improved our scrapbooking layouts and cards, and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you and yours.

You can layer them inside of each other or layer them with other shapes (like plain squares and rectangles).

You can even use these in your embossing machine to emboss these cool deckle shapes into your paper designs – maybe you cut a deckled square in one size and then emboss it with a size just smaller than that. To learn more about how to make your own embossing folders & texture plates using your Cricut, click HERE and HERE: – these homemade embossing plates can be made to use in any and all ‘pasta roller’ type paper embossing machines.

These SVG files work great with either SCAL2 or MTC. You can easily separate (or “break apart”) these nested shapes using either software.

There are 4 different ‘styles’ of deckled squares & rectangles here. I started out making the lightly deckled ones, but then felt that the deckles needed more depth (especially when scaled down to make smaller shapes). So, I proceeded to make not only a moderately deckled version, but extremely and super-extremely deckled versions!! I think there’s probably something here for everyone’s deckle desires.

Included SVG Files: (created at about 6”, able to be resized)
1. Lightly Deckled Squares & Rectangles (2 of each, several sizes of each)
2. Moderately Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)
3. Extremely Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)
4. Super-Extremely Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)

Cost: $2.00

Please visit My SVG Store to purchase this or any of the SVG files that I’ve got for sale. :-)

SVG File for Sale – 3-pack CD or DVD holders storage box set

3-pack CD or DVD Holders for full-sized and mini compact discs:

3-Pack CD or DVD Holders 3-Pack CD or DVD Holders

Maybe your cutting and digital scrapbooking files have taken over your computer and it’s time to start saving the files to discs. Or maybe you’ve got movies or songs on CD that you want to share with someone else. Or maybe you just want CD backups of your digital libraries. Now you can make your own CD or DVD box sets! Keeps your CDs organized and fashionable. When stuffed with your digital favorites on CD or DVD, they also make great gifts.

Just use these SVG cut files along with any Cricut machine, Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) or Make the Cut (MTC) software, and your favorite papers and embellishments to make charming CD Holders that hold 3 CDs.

Cost: $1.00

Included SVGs:
Three (3) files used to make the full-sized cd holders:
o Four-piece SVG (cut the 4 pieces separately on a 6×12” cutting mat)
o Three-piece SVG (cut the 3 pieces separately on a 12×12 cutting mat)
o One-piece SVG (cut one solid piece on a 12×24” cutting mat)

Two (2) files used to make the mini-cd holders:
o Four-piece SVG (cut the 4 pieces separately on a 6×12” mat)
o One-piece SVG (cut one solid piece on a 12×12” mat)

Cost $1.00

Please visit My SVG Store to purchase this or any of the SVG files that I’ve got for sale. :-)

New SVG Mini Collection For Sale – Seed Boxes & Cases SVGs – use for seeds, beads, and more!

Seed Boxes & Cases SVGs – NOW with and without multiple layers for use with SCAL1, SCAL2, & MTC (in the multi-layered files, the box outlines and the fold lines are on separate layers; keep the fold lines for easy folding, remove them for faster cutting): :-)

I’ve been using these boxes to collect, dry, save, & share my favorite garden seeds. You can use them for many things though and, given the creative nature of my readers, I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of uses. They could hold beads, jewels, and so much more. Size them up a bit (make ‘em bigger), and you can hold even more!! Enjoy!!

3 Multi-Layered SVG Files Included (UPDATE: NOW INCLUDES AN ADDITIONAL 6 SINGLE-LAYERED FILES TO USE WITH SCAL1; that’s each of the below 3 files (multi-layers removed), with and without fold lines):

* Small seed box SVG template (similar to a shortened playing card box; sized as is at approximately 2 1/8 x 1 3/16 x 1/2″)
* 4 Pack Case Box SVG template – with top and bottom (sized to fit 4 of the above seed boxes; sized as is at aprox. 2 1/4 x 2 3/8 x 1 3/16″)
* 8 Pack Case Box SVG template – with top and bottom (sized to fit 8 of the above seed boxes; sized as is at aprox. 4 3/4 x 2 1/4 x 1 1/4″)

All you need to add are the labels, if you wish.
(Click a pic to enlarge.)
Seed Boxes & Cases Seed Boxes & Cases Seed Boxes & Cases

Cost: $ 2.00

Please let me know if you ever have any trouble downloading or using these files.


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